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By Peter Renton

On Tuesday, OnDeck and JPMorgan Chase announced a partnership in what I think is the biggest news for the marketplace lending industry all year. The largest bank in the country, with $2.6 trillion in assets and close to $100 billion in revenue, decided that they needed help in...

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By Jeff Schlegel

Fixed-income investing is in a weird place, caught between historically low interest rates and the Federal Reserve’s looming interest rate hike that will usher in the end of the three-decades-plus bull market in U.S. debt and likely hammer the price of existing bonds. Given that...

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By Jason Zweig

The tougher it gets to squeeze any income out of a bond portfolio, the more tempting it becomes to invest in things that aren't even bonds.

Investment advisers around the country say clients are asking about increasingly unusual and exotic ways to raise the yield on their portfolios...

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