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Alternative lending start-ups have entered mainstream consumer and SMB lending, but have yet to establish themselves as additions to traditional fixed income portfolios for investors. Marketplace lenders started out as peer-to-peer lenders, but institutional capital and accredited investors are now accounting for the lion’s share of lending capital on such platforms. Direct Lending Investments, LLC (DLI), a growing and active participant in this developing world of private credit, focuses on buying loans and extending loans to alternative lending platforms and other business partners. In particular, the firm provides credit to the growing sectors of the market that are no longer served by traditional bank lending and, more importantly, structures its funding in a way so that the originator takes on default risk.

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By Bailey McCann Some investors aren’t waiting around for the performance of mass market lending to improve. Private equity firm Silver Lake and Japanese asset manager SoftBank Group were part of a group that this month agreed to invest $500 million in Social Finance, or SoFi, an online lender that started as a refinancer for student loans and is rapidly morphing into a private bank for Silicon Valley’s newest recruits... 

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By Brendan Ross After a period of rapid growth, the intense scrutiny now following marketplace lending was inevitable. But a path forward for this nascent industry to achieve long-term sustainability is clearer than you may think. Some critics of the industry, who are almost jubilant that their initial skepticism about marketplace lending may be proven right, are questioning the sector’s ability to mature and weather a sustained period of...

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