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By Peter Renton

Bryce Mason has broken plenty of new ground in this industry. He was the first Ph. D. level statistician to do some serious analysis of the Lending Club and Prosper loan history and share his results publicly.

I first heard from Bryce in early 2012 when he shared the results of hundreds of hours of analysis he had done of the Lending Club loan history. I had never seen work that was this thorough and I encouraged him to make this data publicly available, which he did. He penned a series of excellent guest posts on Lend Academy bringing a new awareness of statistical modeling to the industry.

His work led to the creation of P2P-Picks, which allowed retail investors for the first time to access hedge fund quality credit modeling for their investments. It became very popular with Lend Academy readers, with many people, myself included, relying on Bryce’s model to choose loans from Lending Club and eventually Prosper as well.

For the full article, please visit LendAcademy.com.

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