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Direct Lending Investments is an asset manager with a focus on buying loans, participating in loans, and owning credit facilities and other structures where loans and other assets serve as collateral.

Our portfolios seek to generate current income through opportunistic investments in financing transactions, including loans to non-bank lenders and to other small and medium sized businesses.

We help to fill the current financing gap created by the long-term decline in lending by traditional banks to small & medium sized businesses and to various related asset classes.

Our intent is to deliver these compelling, income-producing investment opportunities to our investors.


Our portfolios invest directly or indirectly in short-term loans, lines of credit, receivables, real estate loans, and other debt obligations.  We are opportunistic and seek to achieve our objectives through investing in various structures, including, without limitation:

  • Directly in loans and other debt obligations purchased from multiple loan originators
  • Preferred interests or common interests in special purpose vehicles that own a portfolio of loans originated by non-bank lenders
  • Revolving facilities to special purpose vehicles that own a portfolio of loans originated by a non-bank lender
  • Working capital lines and term loans provided to non-bank lenders
  • Real estate-backed facilities provided to real estate operators, including working capital lines, which are secured by, among other things, first or second liens on commercial and/or residential real estate
  • Asset back loans to small and medium sized businesses


Direct Lending Investments consists of twenty-nine professionals including statisticians, CFAs, structured finance attorneys, CPAs, and software engineers.

We continuously build and monitor our portfolios to ensure compliance with our goals, including loan diversification, risk mitigation, and portfolio cash flow.

To receive our printable Fact Sheet, please contact us. The fact sheet contains pro-forma returns and additional information about the loan portfolio and benefits of ownership.


Our investment objective is to earn consistent cash income net of all expenses and fees that is significantly higher than other short-term, high-yield alternatives.

The strategy seeks to be diversified across a wide variety of financing structures, asset classes, geographic locations, and industries.

The firm buys and holds these notes, from which it expects to generate regular monthly returns, strong portfolio cash flow, and low volatility.

This website is not intended as and does not constitute an offer to sell any securities or a solicitation of any offer to purchase any securities. Such an offer or solicitation may be made only by the confidential private placement memorandums. If you are considering whether to invest in our products you should rely not on the information available on this wesite, but instead on the information in the private placement memorandum, which you may obtain from us. No part of this material may be copied or duplicated in any form or by any means, or redistributed, without our consent.